Focused squarely on becoming the leading roastery serving Italian cafés, Daroma was founded in 2015. Coffee is roasted and packaged at the company’s Castel Maggiore site in Bologna and single-servings are manufactured in Thiene, Vicenza. The company is committed to consolidating and enhancing its position on the foreign market, alongside other key sectors, by promoting brands globally to bring the excellence of Italian espresso abroad.

The project is the brainchild of engineer Giulio Santin, owner of the Encon Group, which acquired Torrefazione Parenti in Bologna in 2015. This small, locally run company produces high-quality products and markets the Mexico and Giovannini (a historic brand from Romagna dating back to 1926) brands. The aim of the project is to bring brands that are firmly rooted in various parts of the country together in order to convey both the quality of the products and the historical authenticity of each individual brand.

In 2016, the holding company grew even larger with the acquisition of brands including Nori, Camilloni, Van Doren and the most famous nationwide: Palombini. The capital city’s premium coffee, known as “the coffee of Rome”.

“Prestigious heritage and a rich culture centred on quality have come together to great success.”

Today, Daroma produces coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee pods and coffee capsules (single-serving). The company, which is very active in the catering sector thanks to its nationwide network of agents, also produces coffee for at-home consumption and retail, and uses private-label providers too.


Our mission involves carefully selecting the very best raw materials, producing exquisite traditional coffee with unwavering commitment, and giving people something truly special to share.


We believe in cafés and making great coffee, which is why we want to bring the quality and flavour of authentic Italian espresso into people’s homes as well


The company celebrates the proud tradition and exceptional standard of coffee Made in Italy through high-quality produce, continuous improvements and the careful selection of the very best raw materials, putting the customer first every time.


Via Giacomo Peroni 130,00131 Roma (RM)




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