The best traditional Italian coffee ever

We carefully select the very best raw materials and produce exquisite traditional coffee with unwavering commitment to give people something truly special to share.

The flavour of the best traditional Italian coffee, to enjoy at home like at a café

We have selected the finest traditional Italian brands to ensure the best tasting experience at home, like at a café.

For your business

Driven by age-old coffee-making tradition, we offer a comprehensive range of coffee and all-round service for your business.

For your café

From the pursuit of fine traditional produce to a comprehensive range fit for any café and restaurant, with an emphasis on high quality and raw-material selection. 
By establishing a direct personal relationship and providing an all-round service, we are able to listen to and understand our customers.

Enjoy exquisite coffee, even at home

A wide range of products to enjoy exquisite espresso at home, like at a café. 

Daroma the perfect partner for your business

With direct relationships built on trust with out team of regional agents, we are firmly committed to our customers, whether it’s helping them with a start-up or day-to-day management. We provide technical and point-of-sale management support, offering solutions tailored to your needs.


Via Giacomo Peroni 130,00131 Roma (RM)




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