Daroma Coffee is born

Italy Coffee taste again

Our Brand

We select carefully the best raw material, produce a constant commitment coffee from the traditional goodness, we give people a moment of sharing: because coffee is something that counts, good coffee is an experience that you live.

Equipment and production phases

The group from Rome, divided on 2 production sites, 4 installations of rotary drum roasting, and conventional automatic control loop that guarantee the repeatability and the compliance with the highest quality standards.

Our Plants


    Corso Einaudi 30
    10129 – Torino (TO)


    Via B. Buozzi 66/71
    40013 – Castelmaggiore (BO)


    Via Serenari 33/H
    40013 – Castelmaggiore (BO)

  • ROMA

    Via di Tor Cervara 273
    00155 – Roma (RM)